Devoted sarcast, hobbyist perl hacker, professional system administrator, music enthusiast, experimental electronic music zealot, animal lover, and all around cromulent guy.



I love photography, though I don't claim to be particularly gifted at it. If nothing else, my camera gives me something to hide behind at large social gatherings. See flickr for evidence.


I'm in to roadie cycling, but not as much as I'd like to be. As far as long-duration cardiovascular excercise goes, I enjoy nothing more.


Music means the world to me. I like to imagine that I have a wonderfully diverse taste, but in reality I center around experimental electronic music. I do, however, listen to and enjoy quite a lot of other styles - anything strange gets bonus points, though. A slightly neglected but still useful metric of this paragraph is contained within the magic that is


It's easy to lose oneself in a book - Douglas Adams, Neal Stephenson, William Gibson, Neil Gaiman, and various other sci-fi authors have the ability to rob me of sleep at the most inopportune times.


There is a long chain of ancestry and a distinguished reputation that I'm supposed to live up to in the kitchen. I hardly do, but I still enjoy theoretical cooking (developing the theory and delivering it to whoever is actually cooking via snarky, ill-timed comments), and the occasional actual meal or dish preparation. Specialties of mine include scrambled eggs, omelettes, fried potatoes, and various dishes involving cabbage (what can I say, I'm of Polish descent).

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